If you are interested in the Immortal Warriors series of books, then you’ve come to the right place!

As well as the original three Immortal Warriors books I have written a spin off trilogy called The Hellfire Club. This trilogy consists of Lorne, Darlington and Sutcliffe, the three members of the Hellfire Club who were sent to sleep by the Sorceress in 1808 and have now returned in the present day to do her bidding. Lorne and Darlington are available now and Sutcliffe will be finished in late 2021. To finish off the series I’m going to write a bonus epilogue.

The Heart of the Gunslinger novella follows on loosely from the original three books: Return of the Highlander; Secrets of the Highwayman and Passions of the Ghost.

I have plans for more books, depending on available writing time. The Dark World beckons, but I also want to write a series about a ghost and a ghost hunter. I am currently working on the first book but I’ll update you when I have more to say.

To find buy links or other details visit the book pages on this site. Keep up to date with the latest on my facebook page